• Seamless Intergration

    With the Safewave watch band, you can seamlessly integrate with other smart home devices, such as cameras, sensors, and door locks. This allows you to easily track your home security system and be ready in any situation.

  • Customizable Alerts

    Customize alerts to suit your needs. Select the number of vibrations you'd like for each individual notification your watchband monitors. With the 3 heavy duty motors powerful enough to wake

  • Improved Accessibility

    For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, traditional home security systems may not be sufficient. With a watchband that can alert you through vibration, you can be sure that you won't miss an important notification.

Introducing the worlds only vibration-based safety product on the market

a Small feature that has a BIG impact

The Safewave band was designed to enhance safety in homes for those who are Deaf (+) HoH. Our technology monitors smart security systems notifications, including baby monitors, and communicates the notification to the smart wristband capable of waking you from rem sleep.

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"I'm deaf and hard of hearing and I'm often asked 'What will you do in case of an emergency at your home' I didn't know the answer until I met the Safewave team.

Testing the Safewave wristband brought me peace of mind to myself and my parents knowing that there is a chance for me to be safe within my own home"

-Tyler S (Safewave product tester)

Features at a Glance

1. Three vibrating motors.

Motors sit along the median and ulnar nerves allowing the vibrating motors to wake you up from the deepest sleep

2. Versatile Clasps

Our clasps make it possible to wear your Safewave band with the provided adapter, or with an Apple Watch Face

3. Adapter

This piece is used to keep the wristband on your wrist. Click your clasp into the adapter and enjoy your band.

4. Silicon Band

Take your Safewave watch anywhere with you without worrying about important notifications. The watchband stays connected and will always notify you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Safewave different?

Safewave has a patented design that allows us to target your ulnar and median nerve below your wrist making our watchband possible to be felt even in the deepest state of your sleep.

What can my watchband connect to?

Your Safewave watchband may connect to any app you have on your mobile device, from home security systems, to text messages and more.

What else do I receive with my watchband?

Your watchband will arrive with a "how to" card, explaining to you the basic set up and how to use your new product, as well as your chosen band color option, and a wireless charger.