• Seamless Integration

    With the Safewave watch band, you can seamlessly integrate with other smart home devices, such as cameras, sensors, and door locks. This allows you to easily track your home security system and be ready in any situation, our deaf friends in particular.

  • Customizable Alerts

    Tailor alerts to your preferences, including ASL-friendly vibrations. Customize the intensity of vibrations for each notification, ensuring accessibility for the Deaf community and seamless communication across systems.

  • Improved Accessibility

    For people who are deaf or experiencing hearing loss, traditional home security and other alert systems may not be sufficient. With a watchband that can alert you through vibration, you can be sure that you won't miss an important notification.

Empower your independence with Safewave, the ultimate wearable for the deaf community.

Amplifying the deaf community with real-time alerts and seamless communication. Redefining safety and connectivity for hearing loss.

"I suffer from sensorineural hearing loss and struggle to hear even loud sounds... I love the Safewave Band because I know I'll never miss any alerts."

-Tyler S (Safewave Product Tester)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Safewave different?

Safewave has a patented design that allows us to target your ulnar and median nerve below your wrist making our watchband possible to be felt even in the deepest state of your sleep.

What systems can Safewave connect to?

Your Safewave watchband may connect to any app you have on your mobile device, from home security systems to text messages and more.

What else do I receive with my Safewave Band?

Your Safewave Band will arrive with a "how to" card, explaining to you the basic set up and how to use your new product, as well as your chosen band color option, and a wireless charger.

Who can use the Safewave Band?

The Safewave Band is designed to benefit a wide range of individuals, including those with hearing loss, dementia, and parents seeking a reliable addition to their baby monitor solution. It offers enhanced safety and peace of mind for the Deaf and hard of hearing community, while also catering to the unique needs of individuals and caregivers.

How does the Safewave Band work?

The Safewave Band utilizes bluetooth technology to detect various alerts and notifications, such as doorbells, phone calls, and smoke alarms. It provides tactile cues, including vibrations, to ensure individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing are more alert and connected to important events in their surroundings.

Is the Safewave Band water-resistant or waterproof?

Yes, the Safewave Band is designed to be water-resistant, allowing users to wear it during daily activities, including handwashing or light rain. However, it is not suitable for submerging in water, and precautions should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to water.