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Safewave Band

Safewave Band

The Safewave Band is a waterproof and wirelessly recharging wristband that pairs to the FREE Safewave app via Bluetooth. What makes this band special is that it allows our users to receive customizable vibration alerts. This band turns smart fire alarms, security systems and more into vibration-based patterns selected by our users. 

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Product Details

Introducing the Safewave Band: The Ultimate Safety Companion for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Safewave Band is a revolutionary wearable device designed to empower individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing with enhanced safety and accessibility. With its cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, the Safewave Band redefines the way you stay connected and informed in your daily life.

Featuring vibrational motors and bluetooth technology, the Safewave Band notifies you of important alerts and notifications in your surroundings, including ASL interpreters, baby monitor notifications, and security system alerts. Through visual cues and tactile vibrations, it ensures that you never miss a crucial event, providing peace of mind for individuals with sensorineural hearing loss or hearing impairment.

Customize the number and pattern of vibrations to suit your specific needs. Whether it's alerting you to an incoming call, a fire alarm, or a doorbell, the Safewave Band delivers personalized notifications that can be easily understood through sign language and visual cues. Stay connected, secure, and confident with this indispensable tool that caters to the unique needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

With seamless compatibility across iOS and Android devices, the Safewave Band integrates effortlessly into your digital life. The intuitive mobile app allows you to connect and configure your band, ensuring a user-friendly experience for managing notifications, adjusting settings, and maximizing the device's capabilities.

Experience the Safewave Band and unlock a new level of safety, convenience, and accessibility for individuals who rely on sign language, ASL interpreters, and obsolete assistive technology. Embrace the freedom of staying informed and connected in a world tailored to your needs. Safewave Band: Your trusted companion for a secure and independent lifestyle.

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