• Alarm Clocks

    The Safewave Band works with alarm clocks on both iPhones and Androids to provide a powerful and effective alarm. It wakes you up with strong vibrations. If you press snooze, don't worry—the band will vibrate again when it's time to wake up.

  • Baby Monitors

    The Safewave Band works with smart baby monitors like Miku, Nanit, and Owlet. It picks up notifications from their apps and vibrates strongly to let you know, even if your phone isn’t close by.

  • Calendar

    The Safewave Band syncs with your phone's calendar apps, so you can receive vibration alerts for appointments or meeting times. This lets you put your phone aside and focus on your work, knowing that the band will alert you when it's time to switch tasks.

  • Doorbells

    The Safewave Band will provide an alert when someone presses your smart doorbell. Some of the doorbells we work with are: Blink, Google Nest, Ring and more.

  • Fire Alarms

    Safewave pairs to a variety of smart fire alarms ranging from Google Nest to Ring Fire Alarms, as well as, ADT Fire Alarms. Stay connected without relying on visual and audio based alerting.

  • Home Security

    The Safewave Band pairs with every security system offered on the app store. The most popular systems our customers use are ADT, Ring, SimpliSafe and Blink.